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Mar 30, 2021

Goin' Deep Episode 1688

Kid gets angry with his dog, gets scared of robots taking over and loves watching old Stern clips on YouTube. We go over what the fuck the new term of the week is for some dumbness sexual preference then get distracted from fucked up mom jeans. We wrap with some Rollings band, No more hot shit on TV and how Heavy Metal is good for us. Dive in. Listen up. Go Deep. 


1:00 Hang with us post and pre show

2:00 Thank you YouTube for the edit job

3:00 Monkey with brain shit loaded in

4:00 It was a fake Story

5:00 I need it to handle my show notes

6:00 The dog acting like an asshole bitch

7:00 I’m getting aroused  - Dog out to poop

8:00 We’re going to be fucked by Robot

9:00 Our brains being sucked into robots

10:00 Red Eye Sex Robots threesome 

11:00 Wake up call from the morning robot blowjob

12:00 Sex positivity - New Terms

13:00 Just do girl shit - Sex like a man 

14:00 Where not reading this story because of the mom jeans 

15:00 Watering down anything sexy 

16:00 No regular TV or hot shit anymore

17:00 Sensitive to subjects - Manson accusations 

18:00 Together or against me 

19:00 How to properly split 

20:00 Are we really shocked by this? 

21:00 Henry Rollins Liar Song  

22:00 Henry Rollins Christmas album  

23:00 You’re a Liar?  

24:00 I’m a Liar - I’ll turn you into me  

25:00 KFC is good for Lizzo?  

26:00 Getting a different appreciation for this shit 

27:00 You’ve liked shitty songs in the past 

28:00 Kleen wants to be like David Beckham  

29:00 Final Words - Stupid interruptions 

Go Deep.