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Mar 31, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1689

Kleen gets called out by the Phenom, Kid calls out his own Kid then goes off on BitMoji’s and keeping up with new tech. We are happy that the worlds problems are solved and Moji’s are next on the list. We come up with our list of complaints because our sensibilities are starting to be left behind. We want rusty bullet hole emoji and the suck it emoji. Talking Shit of course the whole way. Cancelation time with the Muppets having a warning disclaimer and we find a cause to get behind. Stripper poling on Tik Tok. Yikes . Go Deep. 


1:00 Trying to do what works for people

2:00 Do you have pussy juice in your crustache again

3:00 Kleen buying breakfast - Kid’s are retarded

4:00 I wake before anyone - 4:something in the am

5:00 Kids are stupid with clothes

6:00 Kleen’s kid can deliver one liners better than him

7:00 Kleen has a BitMoji 

8:00 Some dude gets caught killing dad with bitmoji’s

9:00 Write down and take a pic text messages

10:00 We need things that we can associate with our bit moji’s 

11:00 I’m offended by the beard owners emoji going to the transors

12:00 Lets take over ladies sports  

13:00 Columbia University legalizing everything 

14:00 Kleen researching 

15:00 Why do we not have that shit figured out by now 

16:00 Comparing modern world to 100 years ago

17:00 So long ago - 200,000 person swing 

18:00 Creating our new moji’s 

19:00 Pussy licking emoji’s and more

20:00 Lets complain about our emoji’s not in there

21:00 The Muppets disclaimer 

22:00 Kleen’s take on the Muppets  

23:00 Learn from the past, make it better 

24:00 Lets get rid of hard stuff to make life easy 

25:00 Kleen is super nasals today 

26:00 Slurry of nasty STD’s - Women Censored

27:00 Butt crack, and topless guy is funny 

28:00 Censored on social media for pole dancing 

29:00 Final Words -  Censor me? HA!

Go Deep.