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Apr 3, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1692

Kid and Kleen know a guy with 10,000 playboy magazines, have a new listener who is a huge fan of Raven Riley and we talk bout cum dumpstering your lady.  We dig through some numbers about kids, parents and somehow The Kid enjoys the dental hygienist digging in his mouth. We talk about where our balls are and showcase some bitch who tattoo’d nads on your tits.  We wrap with hypocrisy of churches taking on only fans. Go Deep. 


1:00 Finding us through Raven Riley

2:00 10,000 Playboy magazines

3:00 20 year old Pamala Anderson

4:00 The self help industry

5:00 Anal Sex is on the rise - no shit babies

6:00 Ohio? WTF

7:00 Twat Cumphrey had a kid at 43? WTF

8:00 Technology logging everything

9:00 Replenish America equals less powerful

10:00 On lockdown, just cum dumpster her 

11:00 Headlines then guessing

12:00 Going to the dentist not so bad 

13:00 The male hygienist 

14:00 how to tell its a tranny 

15:00 Important information about oral sex 

16:00 Viral for dentist knowing cock sucking

17:00 Something went viral?  

18:00 Where are the Kid’s balls 

19:00 Set of nads tattoo’d on this bitches tit 

20:00 This is her favorite non baby on her tits 

21:00 Calling blue balls a myth 

22:00 Porn has taught us to squeeze the tip  

23:00 Only Fans fired 

24:00 Preachers get to molest but no only fans 

25:00  Do as I say not as I do

26:00 Shut her down on OnlyFans 

27:00 Photos before or after the firing 

28:00 Everything in porn is first person now. Its blah 

29:00 Final Words -  Dirty Shit

Go Deep.