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Apr 19, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1708

Kid and Kleen take half the show and discuss trying bring back Chivalry mainly to help ladies avoid getting crop dusted.  A Texas school has other ideas but we have to say we’re agains that.  We wrap with a Stevie Wonder Van Halen Mashup Its good shit. Listen to it assholes. Go Deep. 


1:00 Call 989-331-0543. 

2:00 Mexican’s grass cutting

3:00 I hope that offended someone out there

4:00 Opening doors for the ladies

5:00 Chivalry benefits everyone

6:00 When the tables turn

7:00 You’ve come into our world

8:00 Go Fuck thyself

9:00 Its more work for a guy

10:00 Vicious farts 

11:00  MMA - Chick fighting

12:00 VW Ad - She can drive  

13:00 Sweet baked goods are preferable

14:00 This has to be a joke 

15:00 I consider this hilarious 

16:00 Hotties of the week

17:00 Stevie Wonder + Van Halen 

18:00 Youtube channel for mashups

19:00 Final Words -  

Go Deep.