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Apr 21, 2021

Goin' Deep Show 1710

Kid and Kleen welcome Zaldor into the studio where we talk eyeblack on women, Fancy jeans, kids with bellybutton piercings, play some are they dead and ask if Kleen would bang a bald chick. Go Deep. 


1:00 Hiding behind things

2:00 People watching at Tiger Game

3:00 Eye black on a woman

4:00 We bumped into Stiffler’s mom

5:00 Fancy stitching on your man jeans

6:00 Dead or Alive

7:00 Goin’ Deep Show gear at

8:00 Tramp stamp

9:00 Whoreing it up in the back of a car

10:00 Kleen athletics 

11:00 Touching weights 

12:00 From the nut sweat of pirates 

13:00 Catch the nut sweat  

14:00 Banging female Kevin Garnet 

15:00 Timid and scared 

16:00 Black and White Podcast

17:00 Black guy from Flint? Shocking 

18:00 Creative names of Podcasts 

19:00 Final Words - Card games 

Go Deep.