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Apr 24, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1713

Kid, Kleen, L.B. and Zaldor ask why Kleen doesn’t take care of himself, we realize how much more meat we all have, ask about Dr’s sticking fingers in our ass and how to properly take your child to Hooters. Go Deep. 


1:00 Zaldor’s Colonoscopy

2:00 Prep work for Colonoscopy

3:00 Five pounds of raw meat in you

4:00 Checking with the Ex Girlfriends 

5:00 Deep throating you for 1 second

6:00 The Female Doctor

7:00 Why do you not go to the Dr. 

8:00 Suggesting Kleen’s Dr. Pegging

9:00 You die I’ll kill you

10:00 Aggravated every 6 months 

11:00 Both hands on the bar 

12:00 Bell frequent 

13:00 I can’t stop staring at their butts 

14:00 Eckler and Kleen’s kid at Hooters 

15:00 Conservative home 

16:00 Zaldor’s Kid’s girlfriend

17:00 Painting happy trees with it 

18:00 Southern hanging trees 

19:00 Final Words - Show up… Pull out 

Go Deep.