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May 11, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1730

Kid and Kleen invent a pizza topping, play a clip of white on black yelling, tell everyone to go find Married with Children clips then throw some juggies at you. Listen in. Go Deep


1:00 The days are dwindling

2:00 We are in some deep shit Kleen

3:00 Shitty dick tip mushroom pizza

4:00 Clip of white on black verbal fight

5:00 Recap on angry clip

6:00 Low hanging fruit - Aim low

7:00 I’m going to fuck your wife

8:00 Enjoy your keystone light

9:00 Drinking clip by satan

10:00 Throwing it in Katy Segal 

11:00 Married with Children 

12:00 Parent Television Council 

13:00 Gobble up the Parental  Advisory Sticker Albums 

14:00 Married with Children - Go find it 

15:00 Downloads all the Facebook hacked info 

16:00 Facebook is a big pile of shit

17:00 Bikini Time with juggies 

18:00 PHOTW - Jenna Berman  

19:00 Final Words - Hit 

Go Deep.