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May 21, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1740

Goggle’d up faces for load, Fishbowls of fantasies, Naked and Afraid and who’s the stronger of the sexes. Kid and Kleen ask about sexy Lola Bunny, pizza and porn and we agree its impossible for women to be like guys. Go Deep. 


1:00 Cooch get your goggles out

2:00 The fishbowl of fantasies

3:00 What do you think of this Kleen

4:00 Naked and Afraid Fishbowl of Fantasies

5:00 When she was dolled up

6:00 Critical of Covid

7:00 Just as clueless as the community

8:00 Eye opening experience - ball shave

9:00 The stronger of the sexes

10:00 I leave it for the blumpies 

11:00 Kleen screaming like a little bitch  

12:00 We can’t have a sexy Lola bunny 

13:00 Load covered cartoon 

14:00 Pizza and porn party 

15:00 Kleen’s giving out real names. - Juggs 

16:00 Hot checkout

17:00 No way they can be like a dude 

18:00 Headline wrap-up - Kanye 

19:00 Final Words - Kleen dance - Hail Satan 

Go Deep.