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May 25, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1744

Its Kid’s birthday show and he’s dressed up for the occasion. We do some stories about mothers doing some partying, fat people getting angry at business names, some people don’t use words and Kleen gets distracted. Go Deep. 


1:00 Birthday time

2:00 Kleen’s TV show review

3:00 Michigan Music History Podcast

4:00 Did it with a Wiffleball bat in a Burger King bathroom

5:00 Tight fro - skunky

6:00 Happy news time

7:00 Bloody cum facial

8:00 VOP vs VIP

9:00 What emoji is what I feel

10:00 The consent form

11:00 Abuse charges story 

12:00 Party with mom 

13:00 Fatally shooting waitress 

14:00 Jack Angelo 

15:00 Laser pointer for Kleen 

16:00 Thinking different is possible

17:00 Kleen will let you know 

18:00 Birthday dressup 

19:00 Final Words - Wrap-up - stupid 

Go Deep.