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Jun 5, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1755

Kid and Kleen learn shit, wonder about Alyssa Milano, Smells that women can sniff out, face fucking, and what guys really want. Go Deep. 


1:00 Kid ramping up the topics

2:00 Kleen wants to milk a bitch

3:00 The Kid learned something

4:00 Sneaking white supremacy into Jeopardy

5:00 Alyssa Milano still might be hot

6:00 She sells MLB items

7:00 Women can smell other women

8:00 Can I smell yo dick

9:00 They would have some problems

10:00 Make the hurt stop 

11:00 No, something not quite right there 

12:00 Like face fucking on your knees 

13:00 Dripification 

14:00 Lube and fecal matter - The Santorum 

15:00 Improve your audio quality you dumb fuckers 

16:00 Thinking about nothing

17:00 Baseball, Beer, Boobs, Sleep 

18:00 Desk masturbation 

19:00 Final Words - Preview 

Go Deep.