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Jun 7, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1757

Kid and Kleen dive into a few hotties, cops finding naked whores in their car drunk, cancelling some more random shit and we tease the next round of goes her muff. We also showcase a new bike seat for the person trying to steal. Go Deep. 


1:00 Hit that shit up fuckers

2:00 Post Date L.B. or Bubble-Licious

3:00 Preditor Sound

4:00 Mocha color

5:00 Fevon or Fodd

6:00 Found nude and sleeping behind the wheel

7:00 Fired from her job

8:00 Watermelon Women High

9:00 Ranking women by smell

10:00 Its time to cancel canelling 

11:00 Cancel the Rubik’s Cube 

12:00 Five decades behind bars for bad shit 

13:00 How do get to this point 

14:00 Tell if its a dude or a girl 

15:00 Imagine touching something like this? 

16:00 Guess her muff dude edition? 

17:00 Kleen loves tittle whip - bodies - headless whore 

18:00 The Penetrator bike seat 

19:00 Final Words - Hit

Go Deep.