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Jun 8, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1758

Kid and Kleen find the devil child, ask about domain names, do a straight vs gay and rock some headlines including port-a-potties, parents fucking up and teachers being dips hits. Kleen didn’t think doing anything in his early 20s was wrong. Go Deep. 


1:00 Forgetting about domain names

2:00 Kleen’s GoDaddy account

3:00 MOMMA!

4:00 Hit me with a bat - Call me what you want

5:00 Straight guys look gay as fuck

6:00 Shake it - Oh my god I choked on something

7:00 Hitting the back of his throat? Yeah right

8:00 Porta-Potty injury

9:00 Problem with today’s generation

10:00 Parenting at its best / teaching 

11:00 Mr. Cox 

12:00 Pay attention to your teacher 

13:00 Dominatrix Style 

14:00 Para-Professional 

15:00 Overboard getting angry at kids 

16:00 Pizza and porn party wrong

17:00 Better start hitting that treadmill 

18:00 Thunder Thighs 

19:00 Final Words -  Subscribe

Go Deep.