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Jul 3, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1783

Blow your shit in her vag… she’ll love it and be in a better mood. We promise. In this episode we discuss reporters being banged on a live radio interview, Mr. Kleen’s Doggy style ball slap that his mom most likely heard, playing Wiffleball in a spa and fucking up the place and we tease with an upcoming bar owner and his larger than life little person. Go Deep. 


1:00 Taking days off because camera’s got weird

2:00 Go watch because clips disappear

3:00 Its just fucking gone

4:00 Interviewed from radio moaning

5:00 Report about sex club opening

6:00 Mr. Kleen’s a screamer - Doggie ball slap

7:00 Exhibitionism and revealing clothing

8:00 Spending time in Chicago

9:00 Playing Wiffleball in a Spa business

10:00 Kleen 25 years old drinking 

11:00 A movie scene 

12:00 Duso’s teaser 

13:00 Turn that midget into comedy  

14:00 You gotta feel a person out about humor 

15:00 Drink up bitches 

16:00 We only hang out with Cooch during birthday

17:00 All over it. All in it 

18:00 Medically speaking you blast in em they get in a better mood 

19:00 Final Words -  1995 technology to stream out. 

Go Deep.