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Jul 7, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1787

Monkey butt all the way to infected genital areas in this one when Kleen and Kid discuss hyper sexuality, Kleen shooting his wad early, a clip from the world famous Bob Menery featuring a fast honkey and we wrap it all up in a bow with a very tiny woman facing off against a very not so tiny woman. Oh and we throw in some virgin talk I think. Listen in and always Go Deep. 


1:00 Powder the nuts - Chub Rub - Monkey butt

2:00 She was that much younger than you? 

3:00 You are my family of choice Kid

4:00 They say that on the Flinstones - Cancel them

5:00 Kleen is hyper sexual

6:00 The world of switcheroo

7:00 Big black gentleman - Kleen blowing his wad

8:00 Bob Menery - White boy running

9:00 Love that account - Bob Menery

10:00 A little bit of Skinny vs Tubby chick 

11:00 Thin vs Obese 

12:00 Attacking me personally 

13:00 Is that productive conversation 

14:00 Her buddy was passive agressive 

15:00 I’m fat and happy 

16:00 Pick on everybody - Insane 

17:00 Virgin before - Time off - bam squirt 

18:00 Effecting the genital area  

19:00 Final Words - Heart pumping gravy and alcohol 

Go Deep.