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Jul 13, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1793

Kid and Kleen get all education edition in this one. We go over private parts, try to make Kleen talk British, bring up some major thigh gap, hoochie mommas and preachers stealing from the church to fuel porn addiction. Go Deep. 


1:00 Endo’s butt hanging out

2:00 Britty accent

3:00 He said pee pee

4:00 Girls private parts

5:00 Learn how to draw the thigh gap

6:00 Thinking with your little brains

7:00 Look at that little cock

8:00 Why would I stare at your titties

9:00 Wait a sec… it feels good

10:00 Unless you’re a loose whore on midland street 

11:00 Coffee run with pantie girl 

12:00 Hoochie momma’s dancing 

13:00 He really figured a way to get out of the marriage 

14:00 Lesson…. Don’t get married 

15:00 Stealing $150,000 for porn addiction 

16:00 Satan just sets up the dominos


18:00 14-18-16-20 - fess up to it 

19:00 Final Words -  Go right ahead - sex offender list

Go Deep.