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Jul 17, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1797

The Australian Virgin extravaganza leads to Mr. Kleen not telling us about how he lost his V card. We discuss some porno shit at the end and a live squirrel is involved. 


1:00 You ever have a virgin Kleen

2:00 Why are we talking Virgins?

3:00 Misunderstood Australian - lots of virgins

4:00 36? Lets have a talk - Mom and Dad

5:00 Won’t even let me skip it

6:00 Saving yourself for marriage

7:00 Solicited too - effected her life over the years

8:00 Before Kleen became sexual active

9:00 That’s really a fantastic story

10:00 No condom first time 

11:00 My parents were home 

12:00 Big titties , no tities 

13:00 So far 10 minutes is the best 

14:00 Way over 30 years  

15:00 Very curious about her take on it 

16:00 Getting more clips of non Tik Tok shit

17:00 Nasty ass porno 

18:00 Causing a problem - women uptight 

19:00 Final Words - Live squirrel’s up the Cooch 

Go Deep.