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Jul 25, 2021

This one is simple.  Kleen texted the dirty shit he wanted to send to Cooch to his kid by accident.  It makes for related stories of how to use technology properly and The Kid wants a scoreboard of oral and how much banging goes on. Listen In. Go Deep. 


1:00 The grocery get - I’m a guy

2:00 Kleen at the Silver Palace

3:00 Nothing but negative shit to say about the waitress

4:00 Slip in a threesome - Children

5:00 We’ve only seen cooch on birthday

6:00 Kleen thought he was responding to cooch

7:00 Well at least you knew your dad was a freak

8:00 Daughter handling it well - Apple TV story

9:00 Porno to the car audio

10:00 At least it wasn’t me texting what you were thinking 

11:00 I think you’re overthinking it. - Make sure the pee pee is working 

12:00 I appreciate you… whoa there’s two of you?  

13:00 Chicks love Thor 

14:00 Every part of sex life 

15:00 Pull into a gas station - No gas 

16:00 Miraculously decided to have sex again

17:00 Years? No no no no no 

18:00 Kleen wore the skin off his dick

19:00 Final Words -  

Go Deep.