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Jul 26, 2021

Kleen still thinks marriage is a good idea and we bring in a superhero to try to convince him that its just retarded.  We go over women and their smelly pussy’s and Kleen tells you how to have a 90 minute blowjob. Go Deep. 


1:00 I feel fandiddly drastic baby

2:00 Anal sex with llama’s

3:00 You’re the only motherfucker who leaves it up

4:00 Faithful billionaire

5:00 Spiderman is giving us reasons for not getting married

6:00 Marriage made sense when…

7:00 That lasts for a couple of years

8:00 There’s a next level of love? 

9:00 You get married for love

10:00 Just keep on loving her and be fine 

11:00 I’ll let a chick eat me out 

12:00 Are we keeping track of stuff like this now 

13:00 Compatibility and smells 

14:00 We dated 6 months and she was too smelly 

15:00 Unathletic, chubby, blob try to have a kid with 

16:00 Focus on enjoyment

17:00 Kid you’ve gone down 25% more times 

18:00 Hour and a half of bj 

19:00 Final Words - The Kid’s number  

Go Deep.