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Jul 27, 2021

Kid and Kleen do the social media discussion regarding their children, how soon they got their phones, how they fuck up their minds and how to curb the dumb shit they’ll attempt to do on them. We talk about shrinks, tech and trying to manage children all the while barely being able to manage ourselves.  Its a deep one.  Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Zim Zill Zera -

2:00 Getting Giggy Widdit

3:00 You didn’t even think about it

4:00 What age range did you give her a phone

5:00 Communicate with her that way

6:00 Autocorrect helps somewhat

7:00 I’m an artist - I get things wrong all day

8:00 The wrong spelling - guilted into correcting yourself

9:00 Two households

10:00 We can fuck shit up 

11:00 Getting feelings off the chest 

12:00 Positive thinking 

13:00 Kleen being a psycho 

14:00 We need to talk about her social 

15:00 Kids getting tricky with social media 

16:00 Treating her like an equal young

17:00 Houston we have a problem 

18:00 Gotta take the technology away 

19:00 Final Words - Use the phone as something to create 

Go Deep.