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Aug 9, 2021

The Kid’s kid tells dear old dad that he has a gay butt and the world wonders what the hell she means. Instagram is pushing more video, Chris Hanson gets in trouble, women get offended (go figure) and we wrap with those in charge doing all the right things, oh and did we mention someone gets hit with a hammer in this episode. Listen in Go Deep. 


1:00 Gay as shit - Butt Gay

2:00 Gay butts are attracted to gay butts

3:00 Call it what it is - I like animals

4:00 Chris Hanson in Michigan

5:00 Kleen you ever been blanked

6:00 Polish veterans blah blah blah

7:00 Tightly wound piece of shit

8:00 Semanarians

9:00 You’re gay, let me fuck it out of you

10:00 Women being offended by things 

11:00 Out on a date no joke crackin’ 

12:00 Close in age sisters 

13:00 She thought that was funny 

14:00 Fuck you Tik Tok and your nudity removal 

15:00 Instagram announcing more video 

16:00 Kleen loves his sausage

17:00 Hit on the head with a hammer 

18:00 Priests doing the right thing 

19:00 Final Words -  First world problems

Go Deep.