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Aug 11, 2021

Can these gaywods just make up their mind on what we can call em. We do a wonderful tale of an asshole who busts into a house, kills a dog destroys property.  It’s a wonderful story of some retarded fuckwad that we know. We do a hot old lady, Tell Kleen he’s the wind beneath your boners and we tell you to try the new ice cream flavor. Go Deep. 


1:00 Kleen do we suck balls? For alot of money

2:00 Kleen is good at eating pussy so he thinks he’s good at ball sucking

3:00 Initially I was alike yeah come in and record but now he’s a douche

4:00 Friends of the opposite sex 

5:00 Is that a proper termonology

6:00 Headline: Man faces felony charges for home invasion

7:00 Fucking crazy, hearing voices - the details

8:00 Police were told electronics were thrown about - missing dog

9:00 Fuck that guy, fuck him, deserves every cock he gets

10:00 Like a normal gay man would like it - Old hot ladies 

11:00 Today’s hot old MILFY is: Gillian Anderson 

12:00 Blow right in her pussy 

13:00 Vajazlle my pubes 

14:00 Jacobs latter 

15:00 Don’t all fat chicks have amazing tits 

16:00 If I’m fucking a fat chick she better have a big rack

17:00 Butter, Mustard and sammich - with cheese 

18:00 Pretzel flavored beer 

19:00 Final Words - Mac N Cheese Ice Cream. 

Go Deep.