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Aug 12, 2021

The Kid goes off on advertising, selling shit and dip shit snowflakes who can’t handle life. We play a ton of clips and wonder what the hell is happening in peoples mind these day.  We encourage you to go check out Dan Pena, find some women who think that guys are big pussies and its time for some real men to come back. Fuck these beta men pussy bitches. Go Deep. 


1:00 Today is clip show

2:00 Blanco - Brunette

3:00 Nothing is sync’d

4:00 Let her play with her bikini and energy drink

5:00 I love my cleaning products

6:00 Lets get to the clips

7:00 Nobody likes you because you are a cunt

8:00 Ya snowflake cunt - Tough love works - Kid’s spirit animal

9:00 You’re a business person - you’re not nice

10:00 Remind of the hottie - Ariana Blanco 

11:00 Raw as fuck - Dan Pena guy 

12:00 We don’t need any more little baby men  

13:00 We have to cater to the lesser thanks 

14:00 Old style music black chick vulgarity 

15:00 Fuck yeah - That’s fucking good apple juice 

16:00 Well long story short - Someone shot my wife

17:00 That’s a dude that smoked his wife 

18:00 Don’t forget peoples birthdays - Fuck that shit 

19:00 Final Words - Banging 3 girls  

Go Deep.