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Oct 5, 2021

Strippers farting in faces, creepy guys staring into vaginas and how to properly pick up dollar bills at the club. We do some war stories of visiting the strip clubs and play some sponsorship from Butt Drugs. Go Deep.


1:00 Let me crank up a little bit

2:00 I accidentally will call him MAP sometimes

3:00 Story comes out he has some rough sex

4:00 You said you wanted a silencer in your asshole

5:00 Pull out some recordings - Liking it rough

6:00 Ex wife taking it too far

7:00 Dr. Pinky PIe  - Naked high heels video facing him hung

8:00 People are worried about shark attacks but self strangle is worse

9:00 Going to the strip club

10:00 Don’t waste your time at the Vu sex shop

11:00 Rubber vibrating cockrings

12:00 Not leaving anything up the imagination

13:00 The dude strip clubs - women way dirtier

14:00 Dr. Pinky pie buys private dance

15:00 Two phases of the strip club

16:00 There was a weirdo at the strip club

17:00 Butt Drugs Commercial

18:00 Free parking in the rear at Butt Drugs

19:00 Butt chug cough syrup. 

Go Deep.