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Oct 6, 2021

Kid, Silverback, The Phenom, L.B. and Nurse Fiona in studio where we discuss how Mr. Kleen used the Kid as a smokescreen at the bar with a big titted chick that he was into. Nurse Fiona says you can’t have some random dumb bitches in here. Kid tells you not to be honest because it just fucks shit up. Nurse Fiona says to just teach everyone the bad shit. We wrap up with homo boy bands. Go Deep.


1:00 Silverback Max Headroom

2:00 Getting used as the smokescreen

3:00 I criticize that shit

4:00 After you queef into the mic 7 times you’re out

5:00 Do girls do this with other guys / girls - Fuck you

6:00 When I was younger I didn’t like dark chocolate

7:00 For some reason co-dependency

8:00 Have a huge amount of trust - be layed back

9:00 Silverback and getting married again

10:00 Silverback - the biggest problem with relationships

11:00 Love? Hanging on to a relationship to words

12:00 One thing I’m learning - Seeing Nurse Fiona spinning out of control

13:00 A meal named after a boy band

14:00 Do you think this was because of the way we were brought up

15:00 His psychologist put too much stress on.

16:00 How do we get from Asian homos to this

17:00 Goddamn 80s hair band

18:00 If they cover shit up it doesn’t exist

19:00 Outtros

Go Deep.