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Oct 7, 2021

Kid and Nurse Fiona in studio talking about the dynamics of what we say on the mic, who thinks it’s all real and Kid is on the verge of meeting someone new who he thinks is someone just as fucked up as he is. We talk about getting pictures sent, alcohol getting you jacked up and we give the lowdown on a former co-host of the show and how difficult it is to be entertaining. We wrap with a cucking situation and how to play porn games. Go Deep.  


1:00 Joining Kid in Studio Nurse Fiona

2:00 Maybe she was into Mexican food -Smelly Mexican guys

3:00 Gorgeous offspring - is this someone I would breed with

4:00 Dating someone you would never in a million years date

5:00 You can tell - The first day of meeting someone through an app

6:00 I think they didn’t like hearing every little thing in my brain

7:00 Feeling and doing the things I like - Girlfriend is like having a child

8:00 There’s alot of shit going on in your brain dealing with this thing

9:00 Disappointed last night Silverback in town hitting downtown

10:00 Handsome dude getting more hot chick pics than anyone I know

11:00 Alcohol is gonna hit you harder

12:00 Delicious Long Island ice tea 

13:00 You have alot on your mind - Work intensity

14:00 Lay in bed and stare at the ceiling

15:00 Getting pissed off at work

16:00 I don’t get enough sleep - I don’t get coffee - I get pissed

17:00 Who’s not involved anymore? Sensitiviities galore

18:00 You have to bring some type of entertainment value - Bring it fucker

19:00 Why don’t you bring this up on the show? 

20:00 Always an open door policy on this show

21:00 Hanging out with friends and changing because of relationships

22:00 Moonshine fights - drunken idiots wanting to beat the shit out of each other

23:00 I say everything in my brain and that scares the shit out of people

24:00 Reading these over the top descriptions

25:00 No judgement - You do you

26:00 Cuckhold situation

27:00 I don’t want no heepbie jeebies

28:00 You ever play that game and watch porn for as long as you can

29:00 Dicks have sideburns porn - Make your own porn

Go Deep.