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Nov 25, 2021

Who lost their shit? We find out in this one. We also discuss dumb children, Yelling little motherfuckers, kicking lockers, firing hot water up your ass and pizza guys getting payed in head.  We play some clips and songs and tell everyone to have a happy turkey day. Go Deep. 


1:00 Nurse Fiona is joining me - Where is Mr. Kleen? 

2:00 Slurry of friends to hang with on the podcast

3:00 Child getting into the youth hunt

4:00 Look at these pictures dad - poop on the hand

5:00 Boyfriend or lesbian girlfriend

6:00 No fuck that shit - How many years do you have to go

7:00 So I was at work the other day - back and forth

8:00 Some shit will set me off - almost meditation mode

9:00 A guy who’s going to give out a confidence boost

10:00 He’s motivating me to brush my teeth right now

11:00 Sucking all the nasty out of your bowels

12:00 Firing hot water up your ass

13:00 Bizarre and weird.  Something to behold

14:00 Its like you’re shitting alot

15:00 Pizza guy shows up at hotel room - BJ

16:00 Just need the tip

17:00 Didn’t hesitate for a split second - Black people song

18:00 Maybe that didn’t offend people

Go Deep.