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Dec 28, 2021

Kid and Fiona get all teacher like in this episode of the show where we tell you how to properly start a podcast, where is the best place to fall asleep when you’re drunk, apps that swipe, horror stories of our youth, getting hit on at bars and how to almost avoid getting roofied.  Its action packed, its full of shit, its The Goin’ Deep Show.  Go Deep mofo’s. 


1:00 Superior genetics and being chiseled 

2:00 Podcast words of advice 

3:00 Is the Kid changing - Is he different

4:00 Relationships are a bad idea when you podcast

5:00 The circle of friends

6:00 Getting tanked at Nurse Fiona’s

7:00 Swiping on the apps

8:00 It doesn’t matter if it feels good

9:00 Dr. Pinky Pie and Skittles going out

10:00 Horror stories of age 14

11:00 Accidentally - oopsie and Julia Anne

12:00 Put on your happy face

13:00 Uber maybe used later

14:00 Jakes - Teenie boppers

15:00 You want a hug goodbye

16:00 Two broke girls show

17:00 Recognizing Fiona drunk

18:00 Why not just take your drink out

19:00 The Tree 

Go Deep.