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Jan 25, 2022

Kid, Fiona and Mike Hunt discuss women holding off on the big O., Sex in weird places, getting caught by the cops, old fucked up relationships, being hit on, being friends, being not so friends and how you can have someone so important to marry but if you don’t they’ll find someone else.  Listen in. Go Deep. 



1:00 Plundering the hole 

2:00 Favorite Dre Song 

3:00 Worst places you’ve ever hooked up

4:00 Construction site bang

5:00 Put your pants back on

6:00 Meet me in the bathroom in 20 min.

7:00 Nuttin’ but A.G’s thing

8:00 Today was a good day

9:00 Debbie Does Dallas

10:00 We missed it

11:00 Girl I wanna dig out

12:00 She’s the one willing to break it up

13:00 Relationships vs not having one

14:00 A mutual break up?

15:00 What happened? 

16:00 You can’t even be my friend

17:00 There’s no going back - The exception

18:00 Sounds hungry - meat stick 

Go Deep.