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Jan 26, 2022

Kid loses his brain in this one.  Shows signs of losing his mind, talks about shiny butts, where to finish, how much ejack is adequate and how to increase your shooter. How sensitive orgasms can be, whiskey dick and how to jack off in a weird way. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 A little buzzy buzzy 

2:00 Red Load - Cum Dumpster 

3:00 Kid losing his mind after 2am

4:00 Remembering good thoughts

5:00 Blasting and blowing and shooting

6:00 Shiny ass - rubbing load on bum

7:00 Precum kiss on tongue

8:00 ATM machine

9:00 Men need the ejack

10:00 Giant bucket of semen

11:00 The ultra load forgettable artwork

12:00 I didn’t know these things were real

13:00 Game the fuck over man

14:00 The clit area oversensitivity

15:00 Litaly - banging whisky dick style

16:00 Dialing it back and forth

17:00 Increase the stream

18:00 Totally fucking works

Go Deep.