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Jan 27, 2022

Kid and Fiona ask all the important questions, like how many guys have slapped them titties around, what name we like best, Orgy or Oh Fuck, how to properly purchase puke filled clothes, little boys gawking, old guys gawking and what we’re going to do to my Childs boyfriend if he fucks up. We talk love notes, reminders of the past and how to document your sexual checklist. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00  Lets call it Orgy - or Oh Fuck

2:00 Litaly - Wrong answer boyfriend button 

3:00 Why? Do not look

4:00 Little boys be gawking at her

5:00 Baby clothes - outgrowing puke shit

6:00 He wasn’t there - teaming up on boyfriend

7:00 Hold on to the feels as much as you can

8:00 Interrogate you after a date

9:00 I know where the box is

10:00 Lets find out and read the notes

11:00 Emotional attachment to the past

12:00 Still about the dick

13:00 Pretty lucky 

14:00 Bloody apps

15:00 Getting higher and higher

16:00 Don’t question why they like it

17:00 At the bar we forget shit

18:00 The most times with the Ex Wife 

Go Deep.