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Jan 28, 2022

Kid and Fiona talk about bloody cooter apps, some nostalgia in the dick pic department and thinking about different faces while you’re getting it on along with techniques on how to do it.  Its an all action no distraction edition of the podcast.  Whatever the fuck that means.  Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 Popping 6 foot boners for charity 

2:00 Laugh, have a good time 

3:00 Fill in the basics, age, birthdate etc.

4:00 You blow up on Brony? WTF are you doin?

5:00 The thinking part not the masturbation part

6:00 Not trying to be a douchebag

7:00 Thinking bout someone else

8:00 Cover the tramp stamp

9:00 Pay attention to the business

10:00 I’ve done that before

11:00 The look is for him and him only

12:00 This is for you and you only

13:00 What do you think of this - Bullshit

14:00 Feel like I’m just above average

15:00 By 3 fucking inches

16:00 Back to an email - Snap disappears

17:00 Wishing you had those back

18:00 No dick pics 

Go Deep.