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Jan 31, 2022

Kid, Fiona and L.B. do some porn reviews that involve sex chairs, foam wedges and horses. L.B. gives us the lowdown on freezing your balls off and not being able to shit and Fiona on prom night decided she couldn’t drop a deuce either. Words of advice from Fiona are don’t stick shit up your ass that doesn’t belong up your ass.  Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Reaching the show 

2:00 Measuring how many blacks  

3:00 Do we get the day off

4:00 Dip their strawberry

5:00 Introducing me as my drinking buddy

6:00 The rainbow is hijacked

7:00 I’ve seen this a million times

8:00 All white plastic chair

9:00 Rain your ass wedge

10:00 Fit this dick in her ass

11:00 Ya don’t use anything meant for ass fuckin

12:00 Young teenager bathroom heat

13:00 Fiona’s pals not being able to shit

14:00 Getting home to shit

15:00 Good thing I was young and healthy

16:00 Two girls one cup 

17:00 It wasn’t a porn video with a horse

18:00 Turned him into a sock puppet


Go Deep.