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Feb 24, 2022

Kid and Fiona recap why we never saw princes Di’s face after she hit the wall.  Kid recaps that night from over a few decades ago and the amazing memories that came from it.  Fiona talks about what she was up to that night and we do a little do you remember the time bullshit. Listen in. Go Deep



1:00 No shit captain obvious 

2:00 Princess Diana face 

3:00 Lets live forever

4:00 The night of Princess Diana

5:00 Sealed the deal for me

6:00 Picking up a dude in Kzoo

7:00 Your friends missing an opportunity

8:00 Bar Hopping

9:00 Taco time

10:00 Seat Back - 

11:00 Bar wise they should not have been there

12:00 Hot vs Hot

13:00 Blowing it fast

14:00 Its getting kinda brown in here

15:00 Comedy club night

16:00 She was badass I would have fucked her

17:00 You’ve got good hair

18:00 The new gang bang champion

19:00 Been there done that personality

Go Deep.