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Feb 28, 2022

Kid and Fiona dive hard mix mastering the Goin’ Deep Show and our sister show the Dr. Nurse F Show. Kid asks about special scents that woman may wear to make life easier for cheating husbands. We do a Tinder count, when you should kill yourself, being disappointed, approaching gorgeous women and swingers swinging.  Listening. Go Deep. DETAILED TIMELINE  1:00 Tonguing each others tongues  

2:00 Nurse Fiona load 

3:00 Getting caught fucking around - Women power

4:00 Imagine the extra work you gotta do now?

5:00 Lets kill Jesus

6:00 Fiona’s Tinder update

7:00 Kill yourself little man

8:00 Happy for the rest of your life

9:00 I might fuck mediocre people

10:00 Taking pictures of Fiona

11:00 It sucks being disappointed - Whale load

12:00 Approaching a gorgeous woman

13:00 Never had anything that ended badly

14:00 Rookies ex wife on Tinder

15:00 Space balls - relatives

16:00 I don’t want people in my relationships

17:00 Rent the whole hotel out

18:00 A little out of shape - Butter body

19:00 Married couple - Doesn’t hurt me who cares

20:00 Really hot vs Really not


Go Deep.