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Mar 28, 2022

Kid and Fiona give you a pre St. Patrick’s day show where we discuss load blasts all over your air bnb, hotel cum, drunken Kid antics that include banging in bunk beds, fat bitches in gold bikini’s and how and when to die and what we’re going to have done with our remains. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Two things we’re gonna bring up

2:00 Great ideas at the beginning - Airbnb 

3:00 PayPal and Airbnb 

4:00 Hotel with all that banging 

5:00 Offering up your place to accommodate loads 

6:00 Every Joe Schmo’s load all over the place 

7:00 When I became single she wasn’t single 

8:00 Walking home from the bar - Bunk Bed Bang 

9:00 Blew me in the basement 

10:00 Mechanical thing drilling down 

11:00 Dark Humor and fucked up shit 

12:00 What’s her main song? 

13:00 Gold string bikini 

14:00 Good for you for your confidence 

15:00 Chubby Wubby’s 

16:00 Die symmetrically - planned out

17:00 Who gets Grandpa 

18:00 Big fucking crayon 

19:00 bury you under some apple trees 



Go Deep.