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Mar 30, 2022

Kid and Fiona give the rundown on what concerts their seeing this week, how to properly hang with your friends, why Fiona is so angry and who’s going to get close lined. Listen in and go deep. 


1:00 That’s how I pronounce your name now

2:00 Some hairless toad creature 

3:00 Going fucking nutty crazy 

4:00 Describing what you’re seeing Fiona  

5:00 Who the fuck are these Mexicans 

6:00 After I’m dead - Photos to my kids 

7:00 This is the Tinder hookup 

8:00 Give yourself a description 

9:00 You can talk normal here

10:00 We all think the same things 

11:00 Korn concert preview 

12:00 Tickets to the Eagles at LCA 

13:00 Our different styles of music 

14:00 Heading down early 

15:00 Don Henley and Joe Walsh

16:00 Minor details

17:00 I love going to show 

18:00 What the fuck are you looking at? 

19:00 Someday -  Go live with your friends

Go Deep.