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Apr 7, 2022

Kid, Fiona and Juice in on this episode where we go over filtered bitches on Tinder, ass hats and we reveal the best way to the Kid’s heart is through the Fiona Filter.  We ask if we’ve ever done shitty things and of course we have but those difficult things are hard to address.  We make a Tinder connection with someone too close for comfort and we ask Juice what’s the best way to settle down with one person.  Listen in. Go Deep


1:00 Am I loud enough for you

2:00 Right there! Right there! 

3:00 All of the people Kid’s connected with 

4:00 These filters piss me off

5:00 What is the first thing I say to this woman 

6:00 Hilarious opposite way to catfish 

7:00 Basically the gremlin makeup 

8:00 Fuck no I dont’ want that shit 

9:00 You look like RDJ or Johnny 

10:00 Juice settling down?  

11:00 You don’t want to fuck up a friendship 

12:00 I have to want to fuck your brains out 

13:00 Give me a checklist of dirty talk 

14:00 Nag, bitch, truthfullness  

15:00 How much different guys are treated 

16:00 Coming across as intimidating

17:00 Hard to answer what’s off limits 

18:00 I fucked up 

19:00 She seems alright - scary close 


Go Deep.