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Apr 8, 2022

Kid and Fiona break down your typical Tuesday night in the city which includes a few hops from establishment to establishment in the hopes of finding some stories.  Kid finds a few, watches creepy guys lurk over women, getting threatened and Fiona puts the price on a recent episode that will not be released.  We encourage the youth of America to beat the shit out of bullies and we wrap with Kid being disturbed by women announcers.  Go figure.  Go Deep. 



1:00 You play tag at the Bell

2:00 Jakes South End 

3:00 Not a friendly interactions 

4:00 Humping dogs - Lions and gazelle 

5:00 The Looks on a woman’s face 

6:00 Too many in my past - I don’t want this over 

7:00 For women lust vs love 

8:00 She makes me wanna be a better person 

9:00 In the middle of the goddamn night - Mac n cheese 

10:00 Related to the non released shows 

11:00 Subscribe to get this story 

12:00 Four hours of sleep 

13:00 Ex Wife Ginger 

14:00 Cocksucker! Beat his fucking ass 

15:00 Struggling with women and play by play 

16:00 If they played the game

17:00 Watch out - Struggle 

18:00 Grew up with the man being the man 

19:00 Women are women and men are men 




Go Deep.