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Apr 11, 2022

Kid and Fiona dive hard on some sex discussion including toe sucking, clit licking, pussy smells, dirty talk, commanding women to do stuff and tacos. We talk dipping’ sticks, and who doesn’t like to lick their own juices of a dick.  Yep.  The usual.  Go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Beavis to my Butthead

2:00 You can’t put a dollar amount on the Eagles 

3:00 Parent not allowing to go to Taco Bell 

4:00 Kinda generic tacos 

5:00 Having good episodes of farting 

6:00 Capturing your farts on mic 

7:00 Protecting the relationship 

8:00 Stop me from eating the pussy 

9:00 Loving to suck a dick after pussy dip 

10:00 Nothing hotter than a face ride 

11:00 Being a single guy with crazy thoughts 

12:00 The reason that industry exists 

13:00 Big weird feet 

14:00 She enjoyed the toe suck 

15:00 Suck on them toes, she may like that 

16:00 When you’re really turned on

17:00 Fiona not being interested 

18:00 Comfort levels and expectations of one person 

19:00 Final words 



Go Deep.