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May 3, 2022

Kid and Fiona sling a bunch of bullshit at ya, Kid does the show with no glasses, talks about Depp wanting to stick his bitch in a trunk, Fiona’s porno potty mouth, faking our deaths, being depressed and how to break out of it along with saying and playing inappropriate things in the car while you take your kids to Jesus School. Listen in. Go Deep.



1:00 I have to wear my glasses on the tip

2:00 Any rules - Share away 

3:00 All better now - stomach hurt 

4:00 If you don’t know the trial you’re a rah-tahd 

5:00 Ferrari’s are awesome 

6:00 Everyone knows how porno potty mouth Fiona is 

7:00 This woman was into squirting blood during sex 

8:00 Is that the proper term 

9:00 Michigan Music History Podcast 

10:00 Getting up there. Weird without glasses 

11:00 Discuss the show - getting out of the funk 

12:00 LB in the card with kids and normal conversations 

13:00 It still exists 

14:00 Va-gagger - Giant poon 

15:00 She’ll go all space cadet - zone out 

16:00 Music pretty damn loud - gangster rap

17:00 Fiona left me a drink 

18:00 Playlist for funeral 

19:00 Get face lifts and fake our deaths