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May 9, 2022

Special Hour Long Edition where we all learn to not piss off Fiona. She tells the tale of how to really have a dysfunctional relationship, end a marriage and maintain some chitty chitty bang bang time with someone “special” even after a traumatic abandonment in another state.  This one also includes Our boy JBird and Hi Fucking Ho The Thundercat.  Topics include how many holes you can stick a dick in, who Fiona reminds us of, feelings are for dumb fucks, a duffle bag full of fun things to play with sexually and the tale of Fiona’s love hate love with the wonderful drama in her world.  We wrap up with naked shaved celebrities and telling pussy bitches to fuck off.  Its all good in hood.  For some people.  Listen in… if you dare. Go Fucking Deeper. 



1:00 At least three maybe for - probably 5 holes

2:00 They’re all busting a nut on the hat

3:00 Do you need some help - WTF 

4:00 You reminded me of Christina Applegate

5:00 They just turned all their ages too 

6:00 Kinda being a douche

7:00 He only did it the one time 

8:00 Decided to move out 

9:00 Nobody knows J-Bird 

10:00 Eat that fucker 

11:00 Feelings are just gonna happen 

12:00 Done some dumb fucking shit 

13:00 I’m not sure where he’s at 

14:00 Fuck like rabbits or raped apes 

15:00 X hubby hope 

16:00 Duffle bag of fuck

17:00 Your mommy in law is at the front desk 

18:00 Cover my face in the lobby 

19:00 Mommy in law flew home 

20:00 Guess what? More people know

21:00 Throw on a face

22:00 After the Nashville situation

23:00 You wanna fuck? Yeah!

24:00 To be a dick - Take me for Valentines day

25:00 I was hitting him up for it

26:00 There’s no lumpy there

27:00 At least I got flowers on Valentines day

28:00 He can’t not look at my Facebook

29:00 So far from what you’ve heard what’s your take?

30:00 He’s wasting your time right now - The done deal

31:00 Doesn’t help when the crazy bitch wife holds the kids overhead

32:00 She sowed her wild Oates

33:00 Not believing or trusting

34:00 At least you tried

35:00 Deployed? A long time ago

36:00 Instead of doing the right thing

37:00 Apparently I’m outta here - The complexity

38:00 He hasn’t tried - When’s the last time you banged him

39:00 When you keep fucking giving it up - Come to me

40:00 Convince me I’m not the side piece

41:00 All I needed was to get mines

42:00 We don’t say that - Grunt and moan and bark a little bit

43:00 I’m talking about your sweet spot

44:00 You want to eat it too. - Shove it in my face

45:00 You washing the whore off? 

46:00 Dua Lipa

47:00 The lighting - Guarantee the airbrushing

48:00 Sara Jean Underwood

49:00 The convention and Sara

50:00 I could botox her

51:00 She had a film

52:00 Who was the poor girl - Tom Hanks - Meg Ryan

53:00 Let time happen

54:00 Jumps but I gotta go bye. Get what you want

55:00 Rosanna Arquette

56:00 Wiffleball Field skinny dip - Final Words


Go Deep.