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May 10, 2022

Kid and Fiona welcome back JayBird and Hi Ho The Thundercat where we discuss our favorite new commercial on CNN and how to actually cover the war. Kid sends you off on a jack mission to check out some BiBi Jones, We compare our big parties and the Kid gets called out on for not going to Florida. We talk age differences, hot musicians, famous people and butter faces.  Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 Oh my god remember that

2:00 Sirens ring out 

3:00 Isn’t that fucking amazing 

4:00 Its time for war motherfuckers 

5:00 Sending our troops in 

6:00 Bibi Jones - go jack off to this bitch 

7:00 He’s got a butterface like a motherfucker 

8:00 Ed Belfore 

9:00 This is probably my ghostbuster dream 

10:00 Jaybird autograph - Seinfeld 

11:00 Halloween Party’s being epic 

12:00 I’m a little Italian chick 

13:00 Two sucky’s 

14:00 She’s a Vag-ician 

15:00 She didn’t know - no way to get home 

16:00 He’s dead now

17:00 Only met when I was very little 

18:00 Dad could play a trumpet 

19:00 Hot musician women? 

20:00 You’re 46 are you fucking with me

21:00 He was 45 and she was 22 

22:00 She doesn’t sleep at all

23:00 I’m not even joking - laugh at that

24:00 They make stools

25:00 No No I can’t do that - fly you to Florida

26:00 Guess who shamed him a little

27:00 You could have come to Florida

28:00 When am I allowed to have a girlfriend

29:00 Decide to do the right or wrong thing

30:00 Fiona you ever done that before

31:00 Women are scary attractive

32:00 Playing with his dick

33:00 Alot of bullshit going on here


Go Deep.