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Dec 14, 2022

Kid and Fiona discuss how to determine who your girlfriend should be, more of the discussion on if its hot to be called “daddy”, flirty old ladies, committing to one person and first encounters.  We discuss age, who wants who and more of our normal bullshit.  Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Then they have your ID and stuff - Fiona

2:00 Mike Hunt  

3:00 $5,000 to his girlfriends 

4:00 Depending on how I look - facial hair 

5:00 When do you think I should come in 

6:00 No no no no no. Flirting hold ladies 

7:00 Girls blowing and calling me daddy 

8:00 Committing to someone - The next chapter 

9:00 Threw you in the closet - we’re in the relationship now 

10:00 Alot of games and wanting something different 

11:00 Ass grabby-ness time 

12:00 My wedding ring test 

13:00 Approchable vs intimidating 

14:00 I poked my head out 

15:00 Charisma 

16:00 Completely different hospital

17:00 Want to hear what you’re talking about 

18:00 Captain Red beard theory 

19:00 Final words 

Go Deep.