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Dec 23, 2022

Kid and Fiona tempt everyone with the idea that our sister show could should and will be returning in 2023. We realize Brown Eye doesn’t like to be happy and just wants to stay stuck in shit life. We realize that Kid has ranked every woman’s vagina that he’s ever gone down on and we discuss a female who’s in the sex industry and her routine of sex for a week. We talk period sex, cheating husbands and all the other bullshit we usually discuss. Listen in. Go Deep. 



1:00 Come in Ray

2:00 We have to make it so assholes can handle the words 

3:00 The plug was pulled

4:00 Cleaning the house naked 

5:00 You need to lick my vagina 

6:00 I like the ugly bitches the don’t put out 

7:00 Missing a chromo - redhead 

8:00 Last night at the bar - pussy ranking 

9:00 Super sensitive downstairs 

10:00 Here’s the Keys, jump in the Ferrari 

11:00 Funny what your brain remembers - Testarosa 

12:00 Headline: Can your vagina get depressed. 

13:00 Gotta have some foreplay 

14:00 Sex everyday 

15:00 Online adult content creator 

16:00 You’re good to go - I’m busy 

17:00 Things never get stale 

18:00 Morning sex 

19:00 Slowly taking off clothes 

20:00 In the mood

21:00 The smallest of little things

22:00 I’m on my period - get a cup

23:00 Just do it.  Get bloodied up

24:00 We spent alot of time out here today

25:00 Husbands cheating on wives


Go Deep.