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Dec 31, 2022

Kid and Fiona welcome Cash into the show where the Kid loves this time of the year with everyone bullshitting themselves that they’re going to change…. Just like last year and the year before.  We do a healthy amount of ripping on people then doing some karaoke. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 No meat curtain dangles

2:00 Resolution Time Buddies 

3:00 Take the PETA 

4:00 It’s like a pocket rocket 

5:00 I think every year you Analyze 

6:00 Stay the fuck out of my room while I smoke 

7:00 If you really want to change 

8:00 Haven’t seen you at a school event 

9:00 Because I also hate her 

10:00 You don’t give a flying fuck 

11:00 I see Family members super religious 

12:00 Same mindset - That word is hilarious 

13:00 People don’t even know what mine is 

14:00 This is the karaoke time song 

15:00 It wasn’t me

16:00 Shaggy bullshit

17:00 Because he’s a piece of shit 

18:00 Who’s bed 

19:00 Who’s titties was he sucking?  

Go Deep.