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Feb 17, 2023

Kid and Fiona discuss fatsos making sandwiches, what needs to exist vs what doesn’t need to exist and we call out all the little pussy bitches like we always do.  We make fun of short dudes, the only advantage they have is tits right in their face and how many cocks is enough cocks. We call out dudes who don’t have their balls any more and coloring beards and old ladies flirting with people. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Ya know, what the fuck

2:00 When the routine isn’t there it sucks 

3:00 Sticking your face in titties 

4:00 He’s coming back atcha 

5:00 You go somewhere - Subway 

6:00 You have to have the sneeze guard 

7:00 Do you want me to put my love into it 

8:00 Is there still a hair place for dudes 

9:00 I got one cock thats all I need 

10:00 Eliminating all the bad things 

11:00 Biggest pussy social justice warrior 

12:00 Associate with being a fat fuck 

13:00 Guys who don’t have their balls 

14:00 How does this lead back to getting old 

15:00 My middle child is baby bill burr 

16:00 They’re fighting for it

17:00 Coloring the beard 

18:00 Seeking that attention 

19:00 That’s all I can do 

Go Deep.