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Feb 28, 2023

Kid and Fiona go old school GDS with so much dirty talk in this one it will blow your mind.  Kid does his typical porn review and this week its about loads in the face, dribbles off chins, fake loads out of really big fake cocks and spray spray spray.  We discuss investing sexually in someone but the other part of the relationship falling apart. We wrap with games we once played as teenagers, old magazine porn and what our dreams are for our children. Listen in. Go Deep.



1:00 I love when she cracks me

2:00 Winnie was the cause of much disruptions 

3:00 The guy sprayed onto each cheek - Foo man Goo’d 

4:00 Blacked Dot com vs the big fake plastic dicks 

5:00 We’re gonna do a side by side with the fake cum 

6:00 I got a kick out of black light situation 

7:00 I gotta get caught up on the porn 

8:00 She begrudgingly - blow it on my face 

9:00 Spray, spray spray 

10:00 I had a condo with Hawaiian 

11:00 Investing into a relationship that gets fucked 

12:00 That’s the biggest problem right there 

13:00 What are you into?  

14:00 That’s probably the healthiest relationship I’ve had 

15:00 We just got into it - recorded it all 

16:00 Play a game - how long can we watch this

17:00 Old ass magazine porn 

18:00 I hope that my boys dabble in porn - It’s normal 

19:00 I’ll show it to you. Its pretty cool 

Go Deep.