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Mar 22, 2024

The Kid and Fiona take listeners through the wonders of FaceTiming etiquette, the artistic potential of AI in generating nudes, and a deep dive into sexual satisfaction and the gender orgasm gap. It's an episode packed with the kind of conversations you'd normally keep to the privacy of your browser's incognito mode.


  • FaceTiming Fiascos: Discover the joys of creative FaceTiming, where the line between a wholesome call and an impromptu porn shoot gets blurrier than your vision after a night out.
  • AI-Generated Erotica: Marvel at the wonders of artificial intelligence as our hosts explore the potential of AI in creating custom nudes and sexual scenarios. It's like Bob Ross for the pornographically inclined – happy little bushes included.
  • The Orgasm Gap: Delve into the complex world of sexual satisfaction, where the quest for mutual climax is more challenging than convincing a flat-earther the world is round. Fiona and The Kid tackle the tough questions, like "Is sex even worth it if both parties don't come?" 
  • Porn Star Ponderings: Ever find a porn star so distracting you can't even enjoy the, uh, plot? Our hosts share their latest finds and the dilemmas of unrealistic O-faces in adult entertainment.
  • The Ideal Clean-Up Crew: In a surprising turn of events, the conversation veers into the practicalities of hiring a cleaner. Because nothing says "erotic podcast" like discussing the going rate for dusting your knick-knacks.

Final Thoughts:

If you've ever wondered whether your sex life could be improved by technology, or if hiring a cleaner could somehow lead to existential revelations about your possessions, then congratulations – you're our kind of weirdo. Remember, folks, in the grand scheme of things, whether it's orgasms or life's messes, the goal is satisfaction and finding joy in the cleanup."

There you have it, an episode that traverses the spectrum from titillating tech talks to pondering the post-coital clean-up. The Goin’ Deep Show continues to push the boundaries of what a podcast can be, all while ensuring you'll never look at AI – or hot dogs – the same way again.