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Mar 29, 2024

In this episode of the Goin' Deep Show, join the  Kid and Fiona as they dive into a discussion filled with the rawest, most unadulterated tales yet. From a comedic debacle involving dog vomit triggered by a fart to candid confessions of social faux pas at film festivals, no topic is off-limits in this unabashed conversation.

Ghetto Fabulous Drinks:The episode kicks off with a refreshing dive into the world of Natty Light, Natty Ice, and the peculiar charm of budget-friendly beers that pack a punch.

The Fart That Launched a Thousand Laughs: A hilarious recounting of a TikTok inspired dog-and-fart story sets the tone for the unfiltered discussions to come.

Film Festival Faux Pas: Fiona shares the comedic lengths she goes to avoid being socially inappropriate, except when it’s absolutely hilarious to do so.

Elevator Encounters: A discussion on the compact drama of elevator confrontations and the comedic gold of concert fights, complete with descriptive pepperoni nipples commentary.

Concert Conundrums: Delve into the debate on whether attending concerts is worth the hassle and the extortionate prices, coupled with personal tales of missed opportunities and exhaustion-induced passivity.

Relationship Rendezvous: The duo embarks on a vivid journey through dating app disasters, unexpected matches, and the bewildering dynamics of modern relationships.

Summer Reflections: Amid the chaos, there’s room for reflection on a summer filled with biking, beach days, and more family-oriented activities - a notable shift from the norm.

Questionable Decisions: Awkwardly intimate moments deemed too cold for comfort, hear about adventures that probably won’t make it to any family photo albums.

The Kid vs. Social Niceties: A frank discussion on the complexities of friendships, social dynamics, and the Kid’s notorious disdain for societal expectations and unwarranted snark.

This episode traverses a wide array of topics with the kind of honesty and humor you’ve come to expect from us. Buckle up for an unfiltered journey through the hilariously human moments of life, underscored by our unique takes on everything from social etiquette to the quirks of relationships.