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Apr 19, 2024

This time around, Kid A.G. champions the darker side of moral debates, cheekily declaring that sometimes, good is just plain dumb. 

Nurse Fiona takes us on a hilarious yet slightly unsettling tour of medical mysteries that are anything but textbook. The duo also tackles the absurd world of AI-generated art, poking fun at the laughably unrealistic attempts at human anatomy.

Discussions get even more risqué as they delve into the intricacies of titty-fucking, mixing a healthy dose of humor with blunt, unfiltered insights.

They share tales from wildly inappropriate parties and jaw-dropping encounters that are definitely not safe for work—or anywhere else, really. To cap it off, they philosophize over the unintended comic results of intimate encounters, proving that even the most private moments can be a source of great laughter. 

For those bold enough to dive into these turbulent waters, reach out and let us know your thoughts at Until next time, keep it deep and dirty, just the way we like it. Go Deep.